ACP Research

Research is transforming how we develop and implement advance care planning tools across the spectrum of care. A lot of great work has already started or taken place:

Canadian Researchers at the End-of-Life Network (CARENET) – CARENET researchers explore palliative and end of life care experiences for Canadians, with the goal of understanding the issues surrounding end of life care and translating that knowledge into practice

What Canadians Say – In 2013, The Way Forward commissioned Harris/Decima to conduct a quantitative online research survey of 2,976 Canadian adults. This report includes knowledge of ACP and insights to the attitudes and perceptions about how to engage in discussions about goals of care/advance care planning.

Health Care Professional Research – in 2014, The Way Forward commissioned Ipsos Reid conducted a research program with the main objective of exploring and defining how family/general physicians, nurses and other health professionals currently handle approaching palliative care with their patients.

i-GAP is a research project that is intended to increase the participation of patients and families in (ACP) in primary care settings – learn more

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